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First article -The Importance of High Quality Hair in Choosing a Wig

First article in a series


When thinking about purchasing a wig, the most important concern is to distinguish between the wide varieties of wigs available on the market as well as the quality of the hair used in those wigs. Hair of high quality is the basis for a long lasting and worthwhile wig.  

In today’s market there are a several kinds of hair available. The cheapest and simplest kind is synthetic hair. This hair is composed of synthetic fibers that are not comparable to human hair. These fibers differ from each other in flexibility and sturdiness. They cannot be easily altered by dye or restyled. This kind of hair requires extensive care and maintenance but its advantage is the fact it is significantly cheaper than human hair. Although this hair may be cheap, it will not last long and is easily worn out or burned, therefore allowing for only a limited amount of heat when styling.  

Wigs can also be constructed using a combination of natural and synthetic hair. These types of wigs are designed for more senior clientele and are useful as short wigs, since they look nice around the neck and ear areas.

The most popular hair used today is natural human hair. Human hair wigs are generally called “custom wigs”. The hair is collected from many different locations in the world - each location having different characteristics. For example, when examining Chinese, Japanese and other hair from the Far East you will find very dark, thick and straight hair. European hair is thin, generally straight and sometimes wavy, and most frequently in different shades of blonde. Brazilian, Argentinean and other South American hair tends to be darker and thicker than European hair.  European hair is considered to be the highest quality, making it the most expensive. It carries a price tag that begins at $2000.00 per kilo (2.2 pounds) - a price that is justified due to its high quality.

As a Sheitel Macher, you must remember that when purchasing hair, the hair can become worn. When the hair is cleaned and combed, 10% of the hair is lost. Therefore, your workers must know how to care for the hair professionally. Another important point is to remember is to not confuse the roots with the ends of the hairs during cleaning because this will cause mistakes in sewing the hair to the net causing knots, puffiness and frizz in the wig.

It is important to point out that once human hair is disconnected from its natural roots, its lifetime is limited. It is important to buy human hair as soon as possible after it was cut in order to use it to its full potential. Hair quality is measured by how natural it is, therefore, once cut it is important to preserve the natural feel. The hair should be washed, combed and arranged according to color and length and used immediately for the wig making process. It is important to confirm that the hair has not been dyed or undergone any chemical treatment; that it is flexible, soft and pleasant to the touch and that it is not frizzy, overly heavy or prone to knots.

When the hair quality is high, the maintenance is easy and it will have the longest lifetime possible. As a customer, you should first choose the type of hair that you prefer. After that, confirm its quality and nature and whether it suits you. These points must be clarified in advance in order for you to be satisfied with your purchase. 


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