dini wigs handmade


There is absolutely nothing on this earth more luxurious than a handmade Dini Wig. Every hair is meticulously hand-tied for perfect craftsmanship. And with absolutely no wefts, you can enjoy a summer breeze (or even a gale), and still maintain your flawlessly natural look. The handmade cap is cool, stretchy & breathable, as well as supremely durable. To craft yours, we begin by measuring your head. We then create a custom cap by carefully hand-adding hair of your chosen color, style and texture. Your new handmade wig feels light as a feather, parts like natural hair, and looks incredible no matter how the wind blows. Depending on your cut, a handmade wig can give you the freedom to part the hair any which way on any given day. Step out with a glowing style and more confidence than ever.
“Loving my handmade Dini! No wefts make it super comfortable and less heavyweight. I can flip the part from side to side and have a beautiful bounce.”
– Debra O.

The Dini Wigs

Our handmade wigs gallery features 100% european human hair wigs that are designed to look, feel, and move like your natural hair. Dini custom wigs are crafted, fitted and styled with unparalleled skill and attention to detail, every step of the way.