With all the heat, traveling around, you want to cool and on-trend.
Here are 3 styles we are loving for this summer.

Short wig:

I know I know, if you’re used to your long wig, a short style is nerve-racking. But, It’s a style that suits almost everyone. Blow-dried it looks elegant and chic, while left to air dry it appears effortless and undone. What I love about this style is that it makes everyone look ‘of the moment, but it’s not a huge risk or too high fashion. Also, here at Dini Wigs, we have a huge pre-cut selection so you can always try and see how you feel!


The fall! She’s easy, effortless, and takes a few seconds to put. Throw on a straw hat, baseball cap, or silk scarf, and you’re set to go.
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The UpDini, is something, a piece Dini created and designed with all of you in mind. A scrunchi that easily transforms a look. With the #updini you can do an easy chill look, or take it to the next level with an updo style for all your summer celebrations.
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